Our Mission

The Machine Gun Armory (MGA) was formed with the goal of modernizing the US Military's belt-fed light machine guns, such as the M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon). Since 1984 there have been ZERO Product Improvement Programs (PIP) for the SAW from the US Department of Defense (DoD). In contrast, there have been 5 PIPs for the M16, keeping the M16 relevant and addressing the changing needs of soldiers. Clearly there is need for improving and modernizing the SAW.s

Our Products

Our first product, the MGA SAW™, is a fully modernized and re-engineered SAW compatible with existing systems, yet supporting a wide array of modern accessories. Our civilian products, the MGA Mk46™, MGA CA249™, and MGA Mk48™, combine our experience building the best military belt-fed light machine guns in the world with the flexibility of closed-bolt operation using proven Heckler & Koch® trigger groups. The result is a belt-fed, self-loading rifle that looks a lot like the military machine guns, but are legal for citizens to own and enjoy. Our newest product, the MGA SAW K™, redefines the limits of flexibility, light weight, and small size for belt-fed weapons systems. MGA SAW K™ platforms allow individual operators to have the firepower of a belt-fed machine gun in the size of a SMG, and the weight of a battle rifle!

Company History

The Machine Gun Armory, LLC was founded by former US military, intelligence, and law enforcement personnel, as well as some engineers and scientists. We are a privately owned Utah-based company. As of 2015, our production capability can immediately scale to over 20,000 machine guns per year PLUS spare parts.