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We make Civilian, SOT/NFA, LE AND MILITARY models


MODELS: MGA MK48™, MGA MK46™, MGA M249™, and the California-legal model, MGA CA-249™ (all built on our new Multicaliber receiver frame):
Click HERE to see the models and learn more about our civilian-legal firearms.

The model: MGA MK46™ MC (multi-caliber capable) is now our most sought-after and best-selling civilian model. Shown above is a standard model MGA MK46™ MC.

Our California-Legal version, which is quite similar, may be made illegal by California soon so we provide clients, especially in California, the option to purchase a RECEIVER ONLY. Check the ORDER FORMS HERE for details.

ATF approved in 2009, our civilian models are closed-bolt, hammer-operated semi-auto rifles that use the H&K G3-style trigger packs (including burst-packs) and many people use these guns legally as "regsitered sear" host guns.


MGA SAW 7.62™ MC(compatible with MK48),
MGA SAW 5.56™ MC(compatible with MK46)

Click HERE to see the models and learn more about our line of modernized military machine guns.

We have been manufacturing open-bolt, full-auto M249s for over a decade now. We have also spent years manufactring the MK46, and MK48-style firearms to above and beyond current military specifications.

We take great pride in having improved and modernized the venerable M249, MK46, and MK48 model firearms in numerous ways and our newest line of military machine guns are now ALL Multi-Caliber and expected to soon receive international patents.

Many popular Defense companies force their clients into purchasing "new models" when a new caliber is chosen. Unlike those companies, the U.S. Machine Gun Armory specializes in keeping its line of machine guns modular; and most professionals we know agree that modernized modularity is far preferred over the "Vendor Lockin" tricks that many old-school Defense companies employ today.

Our clients using the newest MC receivers do not need to purchase new guns to change calibers; they only need to swap out barrel, ammo and, if necessary, some of the internal parts. This extends mission capabilities greatly.

And our improved welding techniques, also being patented, extend longevity of our machine guns to far beyond the life span typically seen by those from manufactures trying to force governments and agencies into purchasing new models for each caliber.

Embrace the future with our modernized firearms and step out of the Cold War-era technology that those companies continue to offer today.

We always enjoy the opportunity to give military groups, National Defense agencies and law enforecment units demonstrations of the superior quality of our models. Numerous side-by-side comparisons have been done, with all of them showing our machine guns as superior in quality, longevity and reliability to the mainstream competition that uses Vendor Lock-in techniques and has the reputation for being difficult to work with.

NOTE: In addition to those mentioned here, the U.S. Machine Gun Armory offers many other cablier options such as our 7.62x39mm Caliber Conversion kit that can be fitted to ANY existing M249/MK46 and uses AK ammo and RPD belts. Contact us for more information.

Law Enforcement Firearms

Click HERE for more information about our firearms for law enfrocment agencies.

In addition to our open-bolt machine guns, we also make an accurized, closed-bolt model with select-fire function (including burst-pack) specifically for law enforcement agencies.

SWAT units in particular, prefer this model. These closed-bolt, select-fire models have been optimized for accuracy and can operate in semi-auto, full-auto or 3-round bursts.

The full-auto function can also be removed completely thus providing only burst and/or semi-auto function if desired.

All our guns can be configured in a large variety of calibers.

Contact us for more information.


See our DEALER PAGE for more information on Dealer Pricing and special Machine Gun Manufacturing options for qualified SOT holders (SOT Type 62/72 NFA Manufacturers).


Check the GUN-PARTS link and the PARTS ORDER FORM for many options such as additional barrels, armorer's kits, MOD 1 feed tray upgrades, MOD 1 Bipod upgrades, and more.

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