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Civilian-Legal MK46/M249 SAW Receivers
NEW 2014 Civilian-Legal MK46/M249 SAW (Semi-Auto Weapon) RECEIVERS

California may still ban all civilian belt-feds.

The U.S. Machine Gun Armory's response to this blatant attack on your 2nd Amendment right, is to mass produce as many receivers as possible.

All receivers ordered today are GUARANTEED to ship within 3 months.

Our new 2014 Civilian-Legal Model: MGA SAW™ MC (Multi-caliber) are priced to MOVE. Why spend $45,000 on a Pre-May dealer sample when we can legally supply civilians and SOT dealers, as well as law enforcement and military units, closed-bolt (Semi-Auto or Select-Fire models) AND open-bolt models (full-auto only) for a fraction of the cost?


In May 2009 the ATF approved these new US MGA select-fire and semi-auto firearms that combine the military-style M249/Mk46 upper with an Heckler & Koch® trigger pack lower (numerous patents pending). The internals are redesigned from an open-bolt, full-auto system to a closed-bolt, semi-auto system using a hammer and Heckler & Koch® pack.

More Technical Specifications are found by clicking HERE.



All BATFE and/or NFA Rules and Laws apply and are strictly followed.

NOTE TO CLASS 3 SOTs: NO LAW LETTER IS REQUIRED for qualified SOTs (type 62/72 NFA Manufacturing) who simply purchase our semi-auto Title-1 Heckler & Koch® host guns and then just Form 2 their own Heckler & Koch® G3 trigger packs. READ HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION on this.

And since no law/demo letter is required, there are no limits on the number of full-auto guns you can use on your training/rental range as is the case with so called, “Demo Letters” or “Law Letters.” There are also numerous legal ways, such as a marking variance, whereby we can manufacture open-bolt military SAWs for your organization.

For SOTs and other legal FA Heckler & Koch® pack owners, please consider our Heckler & Koch®-pack semi-auto M249s as your host instead of spending $45K on a 1970s Minimi!

NOTE TO LAW ENFORCEMENT/SRT/SWAT UNITs: We use Heckler & Koch® full-auto packs AND Burst-Packs in our select-fire models. We are the ONLY company offering this option. We can also provide the guns with semi and burst only (i.e. no full-auto).

Many SOT dealers with training and rental ranges are using our guns now. References are available upon request.

Visit our website for more information on our quality M249 and Mk46 class of belt-fed firearms. www.MachineGunArmory.com

MANY NEW SPARE PARTS are available now and more are coming.

Demonstrations are being given throughout Southern California - see the website for details. Qualified LE/MIL customers can arrange free demonstrations of our Select-Fire closed and open-bolt, belt-fed firearms nationwide.

The newest versions of the LE/MIL burst-pack and sniper models continue to be demonstrated at various National Defense Industry shows across the country.

SEE: www.MachineGunArmory.com
CALL: (801) 833-4869 Monday - Friday, 9-6 MST
EMAIL: Sales (at) MachineGunArmory (dot) com

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